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The Three Heroic Brothers Essay

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“The Three Heroic Brothers”
Three brothers risked their lives to provide a safe haven for Jewish people. Before World War II the Bielskis lived in a village called Stankevich where they were the only Jews living there. Their parents and other relatives were murdered during a massacre. After this tragic event the three brothers left and went to the Belorussian forest. They decided to help save Jews, and by the end of the war they saved 1,200 Jews.
The Bielskis life before the war was challenging. They were the only Jews living in a small village: “The Bielski home stood separate from the main section of the community…The Bielskis were the only Jews in town” (Duffy 1). The three brothers Tuvia, Asael, and Zus lived with their grandparents on a farmland in the forest. Being the only Jewish people in town they were alright with it. Their neighbors did not have a problem with them being around. Once the family got settled in “…the tsar issued another string of anti-Jewish decrees, including one that made it illegal for Jews to buy, sell, manage, or lease rural property” (Duffy 2). The tragedy between the Jews and the Germans were beginning, but the tsar was slowly taking their rights away from the Jews. Since Jews were not allowed to own their own property the Bielskis had to try to keep their home from being taken away. They lived in a forest on a farmland, so that means they took care of the farm, and knew their way around the forest surrounding their home. The brothers did have an education, but they didn’t learn everyday it varied. They sometimes go to a local school or they would be homeschooled. They were smart guys and understood three different local languages which would be useful for them later on. Although was not that interested in school at that time. World War I was starting and the Germans were traveling across the country. The Germans found an abandoned home, which they then turned it into a military outpost. Since Tuvia did not like school, he would go to the military outpost where he became friends with one of the soldiers there. Later on “…the German gave him cigarettes for his father and occasionally offered him a piece of venison…I didn’t ask if this was kosher or non-kosher, he said…This was war.” (Duffy 5). Once Tuvia was grown up, he decided to join the Polish army. “In Warsaw, he also got a firsthand taste of the sort of anti-Semitism that he’d escaped in Stankevich…the man responded: “Get out of here, you scabby Jew…” (Duffy 15) he was already getting harassed by one of the cooks in Warsaw. He wanted to kill the man, but let it go and said that, “If you give me such a warning again…I will bury you alive, not dead.” (Duffy 16). After being in the army, he went back home and ended up being a businessman, and eventually got married to a woman who’s father ran a business. Meanwhile back at the farm Asael and Zus were in control of the farmland. Asael and Zus later went into the Red Army, and they were stationed near their...

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