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The Three Kingdoms Period Essay

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Early Korean settlements developed south of the Han River relatively isolated from the Asian continent. Because of this, the early Korean people were able to develop independently without early involvement with events on the continent, at least for the earlier periods of Korean development.Around the middle of the third century A.D., the Chinese began to become a serious threat which became a powerful force in unify much of the tribes in the southern part of Korea. Using the Chinese form of the Centralized Government, the tribes began merging into kingdoms.The tribes in the southwest were the first to unite, calling the newly formed kingdom, Paekche. It was believed to have been created during the mid-third century A.D., after the attack from the Chinese army during the Wei Dynasty. Un Zo is the credited fonder of Paekche. He founded Paekche near the Han River. This was a perfect spot because there was a river on the north, protected by a mountain behind it, towards the south, it was vast fertile land. For 46 years, Un Zo gained a lot of territory, Japanese islands, Shandong (China), and Yosoe (China). Paekche did a lot of trading with many countries including China to develop its culture. Paekche people influenced Japanese people very much.The kingdom of Silla was formed in the southeast. Its origins are unclear. Silla historians believe their country to have been formed during 57 B.C.; however, modern historians regard King Naemul (A.D. 356-402) to be the first ruler of the Silla Kingdom. The two beliefs are contradictory since the time periods of both to not at all overlap. Silla's development was slower compared to Koguryo and Paekche because of its location (west coast, far away from the mainland).Six young men who were born from golden egg dropped down from the sky (legend) and created a nation named Six Kaya United. Their culture and technology developed rapidly, and even started trading with Japan. But they were still weaker than Paekche and Silla. In 532, one of the Kaya surrendered to Silla. Soon, the rest of the five Kaya surrendered to Silla. This had a huge influence to Silla's culture. For example, Kaya's high tech steel was incorporated into Silla's culture.The Kingdom of Koguryo developed from the local people along the Yalu River. The Chinese of the Han Dynasty captured this area in 108 B.C., but...

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