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The Three Most Interesting Characters Essay

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Medieval Characters Discovered
The Three Most Interesting Characters

Within any great book, movie, play or even poem the characters are always what makes it so good. Some of these works really go into describing each and every character. Or sometimes only the main characters are described in full detail. Either way us as humans always fall in love with one of the characters. The things they do or even the way they look may make this attraction more intense. Just like the argument over who is team Edward and who is team Jacob from the Twilight series. The describing of characters dates back for a very long time into, the Romans, the time of Beowulf and even into the time of the very famous author Geoffrey Chaucer. The more the characters are described the more we learn about the characters level in social class, attitude, occupation and even into more depths of their lives. This is what makes us enjoy the work even more. It’s very interesting that this idea of describing characters has followed us all the way into the 21st century. For example From the Canterbury Tales, The Prologue by Geoffrey Chaucer, Chaucer delves deep into describing each character. Although there are many diverse characters mentioned in the general prologue my three favorite are the Knight, the Monk and the Doctor.

To begin, the Knight is my favorite character because the description of him really gave me a feel of what I believed the medieval times to be all about. The description of the Knight is my favorite of all how he is such a valiant fighter and hero in his time. This differs very much from the times we live in now. On page 98 of From the Canterbury Tales, The Prologue by Geoffrey Chaucer, Chaucer says the following about the Knight in lines 43-47, “There was a Knight a most distinguished man, Who from the day on which he first began To ride abroad had followed chivalry, Truth, honor, generousness and courtesy. He had done nobly in his sovereign’s war And ridden into battle, no man more,” Chaucer says how he is truthful and although he is an amazing fighter of the day he’s respectful to others and not to mention generous. Also these following lines tell that the Knight is a well traveled man which intrigues me for the time they live in. On page 98 lines 53-56 Chaucer says, “Of honor, above all nations, when in Prussia In Lithuania he had...

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