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The Three Parts Of Susannah's Book

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Susannah's book, Brain on Fire, is classified into three parts according to the progression of her mysterious illness, each part described certain moments of the illness in conjunction of her life. She had passed through severe symptoms and erratic behaviors followed by wrong diagnosis which indicated that there is something extraordinary. After hospitalization and massive investigations, Dr. Najjar had finally reached to the correct diagnosis before she received full course treatment as well as enrolling in cognitive and speech rehabilitations. Susannah classified her book into three part, crazy, the clock, and in search of lost time.
In part one, crazy, Susannah described the ...view middle of the document...

Najjar asked her to draw a clock resulting to the correct diagnosis and treatment. First, the symptoms became more sever especially in her mind and also duo to immune system response. For instant, she had several seizure episodes when she was admitted in advance monitoring unit. She was also catatonic and indifferent during her hospitalization with some manic and psychotic behaviors. In addition, the immunological reactions of her body result in flu like symptoms such as fever, headache, nausea, and muscle pain. Second, drawing the clock was the most important test in this part while other tests came back negative except spinal tap. For example, many doctors examined Susannah and conducted exams like EEG, MRI, CT scan, hyperthyroidism test, and ultrasound of her pelvis but all of them were normal except the spinal tap which showed a slightly elevation of white blood cells level. Most importantly, Dr. Najjar asked her to draw a clock in which she drew all the number onto the right side, which indicated that her brain was inflamed. By conducting a brain biopsy, she was finally diagnosed of anti-NMDA-receptor autoimmune encephalitis. Third, by reaching to the correct diagnosis, Dr. Najjar prescribed steroid, IVIG, and plasma exchange to reduce the inflammation and neutralize the anti-bodies....

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