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The Three Prestigious Honors Classes— Essay

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Margaret Mead once quipped, “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” Indeed, there is not much that differentiates me from my fellow pupils; I am honest, passionate, patient, and observant. However, it is not only through sheer personality traits that make me a model applicant for Honor classes—I possess unique intentions that differ from that of an ordinary student’s. By applying for all three Honor classes, I hope to recuperate my absent zeal towards History, establish a basis for my future career in medicine, and further enhance both my English abilities and immense reverence for writing.
I currently abhor World History. Perhaps my relationship with the class has much to do with people who have incessantly reminded me that the only path to success in history is reciting dates, locations and facts; hence, I have never truly grasped the understanding of a civilization. There has been a time, when I did enjoy Eastern studies. But, my interest was quickly extinguished when I was encouraged to recite chapter after chapter in textbooks and cram facts (that I would soon forget) into my head. I recognize how important History is to one’s general education, and thus wish to recover my past fascination for the subject. My exceptional organization, self-control, and adaptability skills will assist me in overcoming any amount of work and stress. In World History Honors, I will use my pertinacity to search for the lost spark of inquisitiveness, in hopes of igniting what will possibly grow into a love for history.
Science Honors provides the foundation for several medical careers, such as plastic surgery. I decided upon this occupation after I had a cyst removed from my face, leaving me with an unnecessarily long scar. The event became an incentive for me to...

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