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The Three Primary Mechanisms Of Laughter

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Almost every major figure in the history of philosophy has proposed a theory, but after two centuries of discussion there has been little consensus about what constitutes humor. The topic of humor is currently understudied in the discipline of philosophy. Scope and significance of the study of humor but they are the three main theory (Aaron). The three primary mechanisms that create laughter are the superiority theory, relief theory, and incongruity theory.
To begin with, the superiority theory is the idea is that a person laughs at other peoples misfortunes. We feel superiority to the object being joke on. This theory go way back in time to the fifth century B.C.E., when Plato ...view middle of the document...

The theory works like a punch-line works: First, a joke sets up a situation; then, a cleverly constructed punch-line causes the listener tore consider what he's just heard. Some can be funny and some are not. I depend on the approached and delivery of the joke.
The best operate that will fit incongruity theory the best is satire because it employ techniques to change a mind set and there turn around and laugh at his or her self. Similar in that, incongruity we have to know the differences between what happen and what we think.
Last but not least, The Relief theory Freud thought that jokes and laughter were reactions we produce in order to release sexual or aggressive tension. The release, Freud said, would be triggered by the dramatic or surprising occurrence in the punch-line. But many dramatic surprises are not pleasant at all, and jokes that are neither aggressive nor sexual can work onus regardless of how tense we are (Aaron). Sigmund Freud was a prominent relief theorists. Freud develops a more specific description of the energy transfer mechanism, but the process he describes wasn’t a key point to the basic claims of the relief theory of humor. Freud develops a finer grained version of the relief theory of laughter that amounts to a restatement of Spencer’s theory with the addition of a process. He explain three sources of laughter which are joking, the comic, and humor which all involve the...

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