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“Quick! To the cellar” I shrieked sprinting to the narrow stairwell leading to the musty, old cellar. We would be safe there...I think. The herd of angry sea rats was swallowed by the mouth of the entrance of the lighthouse. I looked back to see the sea rats running on top of each other trying to grasp anyone of us. We finally reached the cellar. Itchoua heaved the rusty bolt that locks the cellar up into the lock.
“Quick! Move the barrel over to the door” Le Gleo ordered pointing to the place he wanted us to keep it.
I peered out the window as Itchoua rolled the barrel in front of the door. Nothing was there. All that was there was the old cobwebbed staircase. I sat down next to my mates and leaned my head against the wall. I was panting like crazy. My white t-shirt was now the color of grime and I had dirt and sweat dripping down my face.
“I should really go out to the gym more” Itchoua chuckled opening up a can of Izzie.
“What is that” I stammered.
BAM!!! A million tiny faces popped up pressing their faces against the dirt-streaked window of the cellar.
“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH” Itchoua screamed.
Le Gleo, Itchoua, and I backed up against the wall. I turned my head to look at the ghastly horror written on the faces of my mates. I tentatively stepped forward going towards the door where the rats were gnawing away on the glass. We didn’t have much time.
“ Mate! What do you think you’re doing” Le Gleo yelled pressing against the wall.
I turned around and let out a sigh. I trudged back to the wall leaned against it thinking of what I could do to get out of this mess. When I looked up, I saw little, beady eyes of the sea rats aggressively attacking the glass.
“ What shall we do” Itchoua stammered.
No one replied. My fingers brushed against the wall. When I turned around, I was staring at a small star-shaped key chain. I dusted the spiderwebs of the key chain. It’s gold edges gleamed in the dim light in the cellar. It’s center was hollow just like it was meant to fit into something.
“ Hold on. I think I found something” I shouted.
Le Gleo and Itchoua turned towards me. I took the key chain of the hook in the wall and held it up.
“ It cannot be” Le Gleo exclaimed. “ Is that the lost key chain of Atlantis? Oh indeed it is!”
“ What” Itchoua exclaimed.
“ The lost key chain of Atlantis is a key chain that was created by the famous captain Nemo at the time of Atlantis. It was used to unlock a chamber which held the Nautilus”.
“Great! Let’s go” Itchoua shouted jumping up and down.
I shook my head and started to walk around trying to find some sort of lock that I could fit the key chain in. I walked till I reached a shelf full of old relics. When I moved some of the old fishing nets away I noticed a small hole in the wall covered in cobwebs.
“ It’s not that simple mate. You need to find a location where to put this key chain. According to legend, the riddle is on the back of the key chain so…” Le Gleo said turning...

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