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The Three Witches In Macbeth Essay

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The three witches in the tragedy Macbeth are introduced right at the beginning of the play. The scene opens with the witches chanting three prophesies: Macbeth will be Thane of Cawdor, Thane of Glamis and King. These prophesies introduce Macbeth to his plan of defeat and to over power. Macbeth will eventually follow through in killing king Duncan. Some people believe that the witches had the ability to reverse the order of things. This brings into the play idea of fate and the role with which it has in the play. One can only wonder if Macbeth ever had a chance of doing what was right after he met with the witches. It is however, more realistic to believe that Macbeth was responsible for his own actions throughout the play and in the end, he was the one who made the final decisions.

The witches could see the future, they could add temptation, and influence Macbeth, but they could not control his destiny. No one can change the destiny of ones life nor can anyone tell the destiny of ones life. Macbeth creates his own sadness when he is driven by his own sense of guilt. He realized what he did was immoral and he cant stand the thought. This causes him to become insecure about his actions which causes him to commit more murders. The witches are great at intriguing, but in the end, it is each individuals decision to fall for the temptation, or to be strong enough to resist their captivation. That’s where Macbeth messed up, he didn’t trust himself enough and wasn’t confident enough in himself to know what the right thing was. The three Witches are only responsible for giving Macbeth the ideas and for forming ideas in Macbeth’s head. They are not responsible for his actions throughout the play. Lady Macbeth is shown early in the play as an ambitious woman with a sinhle purpose. She can manipulate Macbeth easily, this is shown in the line "That I may pour my spirits in thine ear". (I,V, 26) She is selfless, and wants what is best for her husband. Before the speech that Lady Macbeth gives, in act one scene five, Macbeth decides not to go through with the killing of the king. However, Lady Macbeth manipulates at Macbeth's self-esteem by playing on his manliness and his bravery. This then convinces Macbeth to kill the king..Macbeth is like a child who is easily gudied. Lady Macbeth knows this and acts on it accordingly. Although Macbeth has the final say in weather or not to go through with the initial killing, he loves Lady Macbeth and wants to make her happy. Lady Macbeth is the dominating one in the relationship which is shown in her soliloquy.

It seems that she can convince him to do anything as long as she pushes the right buttons. On the other hand, as the play goes one, and Duncan is killed, their is a reversal of...

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