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The Tiger's Rising (Tiger Woods) This Essay Is A Short History On Tiger's Journey From His Childhood Fame To Becoming The The Greatest Golf Player Ever!

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The date is April 11, 1997. The crowds are going wild. Tiger Woods had just won the Masters, one of the four most important golf tournaments in the world. Not only did he win the tournament; he had also won by more strokes than any other player ever to win the masters had! As he hugs his father, Earl Woods, tears of joy stream down his face. Ever since he was a young child he wanted to be the Michael Jordan of golf. He wanted to be the best ever. His dream had come true. Tiger Woods had just received the title of being the greatest golfer in the world."Tiger" Wood's nickname comes from a Vietnam War buddy of his father. From the time his son was born, Earl always called his son "Tiger" in honor of a Vietnamese friend who was named Vuong Phong but known as Tiger because of his strong will and determination. Earl and Vuong fought side by side and on two occasions Vuong saved his life. He swore at that time that he would call his son "Tiger" in honor of his friend. A few years later his friend died. Earl had never picked up a golf club until at the age of 43 when a buddy got him to come out to the course and give it a try. When he played it that day he fell in love with the sport. He said that if he had a son he would introduce him to the sport when he was young so he'd get a chance to play early in life. His wife Kultida gave birth to a son two years after Earl had made this promise to himself, on December 30, 1975.While most six-month-olds are content spilling their milk, or playing with their toys, Tiger Woods had a different way of amusing himself. He loved to watch his father hit golf balls. Earl Woods had set up a net in his garage and would hit golf balls into it from a carpet. Hour after hour he smacked balls into the net while Tiger watched from a high chair. One day, not yet one year old, Tiger walked over to the carpet while his dad was taking a break, set the ball down, and give it a whack that sent it flying into the net. Earl went running into the house to Kultida and said, "We have a genius on our hands."After that incident, Tiger began to practice with his father in the garage. During this time, Tiger's passion for golf increased until he loved the sport just as much as his father. When he was 18 months old, Earl took him to a driving range to hit balls for the first time. At the age of two, Tiger would call his dad at work and beg him to practice with him after work. The practice began to pay off. Tiger won a pitch, putt, and drive contest at the age three, competing against boys aged between 9 and 10. That same year, Tiger appeared on the "Mike Douglas Show" and gave a putting exhibition on national TV. When Tiger was 4 years old he was banned from the original U.S. Navy course he had been playing on because the older golfers didn't like playing with a four-year-old on the course. His parents began to look for a new course for Tiger to play on. They soon found the Heartwell golf course, owned by professional golfer, Rudy...

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