The Time Has Come For Women's Wrestling

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The Time has Come for Women's Wrestling

Should women be able to compete in the NCAA sport of wrestling? There are countless numbers of men who are against co-ed wrestling stating that women do not posses the athletic ability, strength, or aggression to wrestle with men. The truth is that the only limiting factor keeping women out of the sport are those stated in Title IX and NCAA.

Women have struggled for many years to create their own identity in the male dominant sport of wrestling. Wrestling began with the early Egyptian and Babylonian civilizations who depict wrestlers using most of the holds known to the present-day sport. In ancient Greece, wrestling occupied a prominent place in legend and literature. Wrestling competitions were and still are brutal in many aspects due to injuries caused during a bout. Around 1928 North Americans developed the collegiate-style wrestling which is practiced in high schools and universities today. In the 1980s women began to wrestle in increasing numbers, and the first women's world championship was held in 1987.

The women's collegiate movement is growing. In 1993, the University of Minnesota-Morris was the first college in the nation to sponsor women's wrestling as an official varsity sport. Since that time women's programs have been developed, and not to mention countless numbers of women who have joined their collegiate men's programs despite the limitations placed on them.

Wrestling is a sport in which two contestants try to force each other's shoulders to the floor, thus scoring a pin and winning the match. Points are awarded for various holds and techniques during the bout, and if neither wrestler can pin the other within the time limit, the competitor with the most points wins. Wrestlers compete in weight classes, which ensure that opponents are approximately the same size and weight. More often than not technique wins over strength. Therefore, overpowering your opponent does not assure victory. All wrestling matches are supervised by officials, who enforce the rules. There are plenty of well conditioned female athlete with technical skills that can handle the high intensity demand of wrestling with males. In fact in the United States, there are over 2,000 females wrestling males at the high school level. Until recent years, women have not competed against other women in the sport of wrestling. In the past, young women have often competed against males on the club and high school level. The skill, the technique, the hunger for victory, and the enthusiasm are no different in women than in men. Collegiate and high school wrestling rules are more similar then different, yet women are denied participation in college. They are only allowed to wrestle in tournaments if the male opponent agrees. The interesting fact is that during high school, which is a period of raging hormones and immaturity, males and females are allowed to wrestle against each other competitively. In high school girls are...

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