The Time I Learned How To Step Assignment

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English 101 Journal #1 Prison Studies by Malcolm X (on Canvas)
Write about something that you worked hard to learn that you feel brought you greater power.

Learning something on your own can be a hard experience. One of the hardest things I worked hard to learn was stepping. One day I was sitting in class during my 9th grade year and the announcements came on. “Students and faculty members, may I have your attention, we will be starting step tryouts on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.” It said. My heart jumped a little because my dream was to be a professional stepper. I did not realize that learning the process of stepping was going to be a little harder than I expected it to be. New situations always made my heart fluttered and the first day of tryouts was not any different. After I put on my clothes for tryouts, I started to become a little more nervous. I never tried stepping before, but it always seemed interesting to me. The instructor showed up and she was not very pleasant. She started to demonstrate the moves step by step. She stepped so fast that my...

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