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The Time My Sister Lost Her Hearing

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I was in AIT, when Hannah started getting her ear infections, and having hearing problems. She was six years old and in first grade, she was getting all A’s a very bright, happy go lucky little girl. Hannah was always laughing and playing she is a very sweet little girl. The frighting time, i was away at a traing school, that my little sister Hannah, experience hearing loss.
Hannah was born on the brisk autumn morning of October 29th 2003, she was a beautiful red headed, little chubby baby. After my mom had examined her ,she noticed a needle shapped hole in her neck. Which confused my mom. She knew Hannah did not get a shot in her neck. My mom asked the doctor about the hole, and ...view middle of the document...

Hannah was i the first rade, doing really good in school,and was learning to read ,she was so proud of herself. She called me every week telling me all her stories from that week of school. I noticed her attitude started changing ,she wasn’t as happy, and she said she was not understanding her teacher. I told mom about this and she assured me that Hannah was just missing me. My mom started noticing that Hannah was ignoring her ,or just not paying attention to her which got Hannah into trouble, this went on for a couple months. One day mom was talking to Hannah and she noticed Hannah was staring at her mouth while she talked, mom covered her mouth and Hannah had no clue what mom said, no matter how loud she talked. My mom made another doctor appointment, and talked to her teacher. The teacher told mom that she had to move Hannah to the front of the class because Hannah was having trouble hearing her. The teacher said that Hannah told her she could only hear her when she looked at her. My mom was confused with what was going on, and how quickly it had happened.
The day of Hannahs appointment, the doctor immediately sent her to an ENT. They did a hearing test. Hannah’s numbers were extremly low ,they were supposed to be between 110-140 for normal, and Hannah’s were in the low 50’s, this concerned the doctor. He did numerous hearing test on Hannah .The Radiograph finally gave us answers....


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