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The Time Of Change Essay

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A Time of Change
How could this happen and why? My brother and I were shocked and wondered why we had to move away. My parents explained to us why we had to move. My dad had gotten a new job far from home and the travel time was too much for him. I stayed awake all night trying to think of how to explain this to my friends. I thought why me and why now, what am I going to do? The next morning me and my brother met Ian, Luke and Abby our good friends. I explained to them about the move. We were all upset we had been friends for seven years and we did not want to think about what life would be like without each other around. For the time being we did our best not to think of it.

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We started to work picking up and luging what at the time seemed like thousands of tons worth of logs and branches. We began to place the branches upon the lower of the limbs and branches of the trees lining the hill. We gathered branches from the creek dragging them up the hill. We had a bit of a competition. Who could carry the heaviest log? Luke won Ian Abby and I pretended not to notice. Before we knew it in under three days we had our own fort.

We had our fort a place to have fun. Then we began to notice something there were lots of us and the fort only fit two. Obviously after a heated debate much discussion and planning, we came upon the decision to make an improved fort. One that would be strong and not fall down into a pile of logs with just the touch of a hand.

The next week we began moving what we could salvage from the rubble of our old fort. We began getting more logs from downstream. As well as the painstaking process of digging holes with the garden spades, Witch we borrowed from our parents. We wedged the longer logs and branches into the ground, covered them up with dirt and moved unto the next row.
In fact, we were having more fun than ever building. an spring breeze passed by caring the smell of the fresh pines, The grass was soft and green. After what seemed like hours our parents called us for dinner. we stopped for the night went to eat and saw Ian off.
Over the next three weeks we added onto the structure using a giant gray rock as a support. We then gathered smaller sticks and lined the other supports with them to make walls, We then barrowed a tarp from my parents for the roof.
We had done it. We had a new fort, and how no one got hurt any using it, we still do not know. This time it was big enough for seven kids. Then we barrowed another tarp from my parents to make a carpet for the floor. It was done! Our fort was finished. We spent days having adventures and all sorts of fun. The problems we had all forgotten about would soon trouble our young lives.

Then it happened, the unthinkable, the worst thing that could happen to a group of friends. One of us had to move away. Ian would be moving and going to a new school and could no longer stop by our house on the way home.
After this news, we did not play in the fort much anymore. The thought of the changes to come were heavy on our minds even if we did not show it.

At the start of fall the leaves changed from green to a warm brown red and yellow and then came the day Ian was moving, and going to a new school.
Being such young kids, we were devastated that one of our friends would no longer be around all the time. When Ian moved it only left Luke Abby my brother and I. we still had fun just as we always did but the gang felt incomplete after Ian was gone. That and it just served as a reminder that my brother and I were next in line to move.
over the course of the next summer my sister was born. I got rather frustrated due to getting stuck with...

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