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"The Time Of Your Life" By William Saroyan.

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The one main theme that has been represented in all of Saroyan's work is an on-going belief in mankind, although it may sound vague, a moral person is often the hero of his tales, and the so-called villain, circumstance. Although as a theme, it seems hardly original, the method in which the hero overcomes his or her hardship is what gives his work charm. The character often grows or has grown into accepting a new way of looking at life, rather than having acquired his or her dreams. The main character's thinking usually includes two simple ideas that the character takes to heart. Saroyan mentions both these ideas in "The Time of Your Life" epigraph, "seek goodness everywhere" (Saroyan 15) and "be inferior of no man, nor of any man be superior" (Saroyan 15). With these as their guidelines to life, the main characters are often an admirable person we might have otherwise overlooked ourselves, if we were not introduced to through Saroyan. The reason these types of characters came across so often, was that the ability to truly believe in these concepts was one that Saroyan wished to acquire in his own life and pass on to others. As Saroyan wrote in "A Word to Scoffers","Believe. Believe what? Why everything, he said. Everything you can think of, left, right, north, east, south, west, upstairs, downstairs and all around, inside, out, visible, invisible, good and bad, neither and both. That's the secret. Took me fifty years to find out." (Saroyan "My Name is Aram" 150)"The Time of Your Life" along with "The Human Comedy" as well as his other works, were vehicles for him to convey his message of peace, tolerance and joy in the form of themes to his readers.Joe, a main character in "The Time of Your Life" and the mother of "The Human Comedy" are both characters that have accepted this so-called new way of living, they practice living with their own laws of happiness and are able to withstand, accept and live well. They treated everyone fairly equally and can be there, for anyone who needs them. Joe accomplishes by listening to everyone's story with the same amount of seriousness and giving them what they need through words or things. As younger characters evolve and live through their misfortune, dreams are made possible. After all Joe believes in the newspaper boy with a terrible voice, who wants to sing some day. Likewise, Nick, the bartender is another character who has some of the qualities of a Saroyan hero, he gives a chance to various people such as Harry, the comedian who never gets a laugh and Wesley who he offers food to when he cant give him a job as a dish washer, "You can't harm anyone in Nick's place without harming him." (Rose) Similarly, the mother in "The Human Comedy" gives attention to her children, she listens to her youngest child with the same seriousness and attention as she gives her older children, and no matter how harsh reality is, she is there for both her children's joys and discomforts. These characters as well as others...

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