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The Time Period Of Prohibition During The 1920’s

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“...He was coerced into the car, ambushed by men with sharp weapons like knives and ice picks. This was an infamous ride of a mobsters life called a ‘one way ride’. Being beaten and stabbed multiple times, he continued fighting for his life. Then, before being thrown out of the car and left for dead, they slit his throat from ear to ear. Then the men threw him out on a beach to leave him to bleed out and die…”Authors account

The time period of prohibition during the 1920’s became a violent one. Alcohol was illegal and people such as Lucky Luciano and Al Capone made it a profit. In order to do so, they had to grow up and rise in the ranks of organized crime to make their own empires. They ...view middle of the document...

People like Al Capone made clubs based just on men gambling. Gambling during this time period included; bets, back room poker games, crap tables, and roulette wheels.This activity of gambling was on racket of Al Capones where he made a lot of money off of others betting or gambling theirs. Gambling was a part of organized crime that not only Al Capone participated in, but also other mob families.

Next in organized crime where speakeasies. A speakeasy were hidden sections of establishments that sold alcohol. It was pretty much a club that older people went to to drink alcohol, dance, and listen to jazz bands. A part of speakeasies were like saloons and brothels where men especially went to see women. In brothels all you had to do was pay to sleep with a woman who worked there and you could. Gangsters had women such as prostitutes to do the sex trafficking. People such as Al Capone caught deadly diseases from sex from sex slaves.

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One of the most infamous gangsters in the world was Al Capone. He was the strong beginning of organized crime because he took it to a whole different level. He was Italian bred, from Naples and moved to America at a young age. He began his bad behavior by dropping out of the sixth grade after slapping his teacher. He got in many little fights and joined local gangs. Then he was introduced to a bunch of other gangsters bigger than him.

The start of Al Capone’s gangster reign was when Johnny Torrio recruited him to Chicago. Al Capone began and started off as a pimp, bouncer and bartender. Johnny Torrio went on a vacation away from crime and Capone’s corruption and reign of terror of crime came about in Chicago. Not only did he expand territory and business in Chicago, but he also invested in different business with cash only and was pretty much untouchable. He involved his family in crime which one of his brothers ran Murder Inc and his other brother got killed in the crime. Al Capone was the king of organized crime and got rid of all his enemies such as Salvatore Maranzano and Frankie Yale.

The reign of Al Capone was long lasting and violent. Not only was he involved in many killings organizing the killings of many men including the infamous Saint Valentines Day massacre. He was so rich and was able to bribe and trick politicians to where any time he would go to jail, he would get right out and be innocent. The one thing he went down for was not even as bad as half the stuff he was in. He went to jail for taxes in

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