The Timelessness Of Beauty And The Beast St Marcellinus Grade 12 English Essay

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Reese MacLean
Mr. Stamp
4 July, 2017
The Timelessness of Beauty and The Beast
Beauty and the Beast is a timeless fairy tale that has been retold and recreated many times since its original publication by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve in 1740. Although there have been multiple movies and other stories created based on the original novel, the most popular would be the Disney animated movie produced in 1991, as well as the most recent non-animated version produced this year. The unique fantasy elements, the shared experience, as well as the valuable lessons learned through the fairy tale has lead the Beauty and the Beast to be a timeless classic people have observed and loved for many years.
A large factor contributing to Beauty and the Beast’s timelessness is the unique fantasy elements that are present in the story. The fairy tale includes many aspects, but firstly, the element of magic or fantasy. This key element draws the audience’s attention. The idea of mythical beings or characters with magical feats is an ageless concept that appeals to people of all generations. This element is present through the Beast himself, the witch who casts the spell on him, as well as the talking enchanted objects. Beauty and the Beast also contains the element of ‘good versus evil’ and ‘conflict and resolution’. People enjoy seeing a kind-hearted, good character triumph the evil actions of the villain, or solve a problem to result in a happy ending. Beauty and the Beast includes both of these elements through the final defeat of Gaston, and the Beast’s curse being broken through his true love with Belle. All of these elements are presented wonderfully and uniquely throughout the story. Mythical characters, good versus evil, as well as conflict and resolution are all things audiences take great interest in. Each of these fantasy elements present in the fairy tale largely contribute to its timeless aspect.
Another reason that Beauty and the Beast...

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