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The Tin Flute Analysis

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The Tin Flute Analysis
The Tin Flute is a novel by Gabrielle Roy and was written in Quebec in World War 2 in 1945. This novel is about a girl named Florentine and how she becomes to be a mature young woman by realizing that a person’s imprison did not tell her how that person really feels and think; This novel also shows the effect of poverty and how it affects people and their family. The narrator speaks from an omniscient point of view, but is mostly from the perspective of Florentine.
Florentine is a 19 years old girl female that works at a fast food restaurant called Five and Ten; she works really hard and long in order to help support her family. While in the restaurant she has ...view middle of the document...

Thus, this justifies how different a person’s impression can be from who that person actually is. Furthermore, the notion that a person is not who they seem to be further reinforces the irony of Jan thinking Florentine is immature when she is actually a hard working female who holds and supports her family, which proves that she is responsible and caring. The irony of Jean thinking Florentine was immature when he is trying to hide his memories of his childhood instead of accepting who he turned out to be. On the other hand, the same person he thinks is immature is the same person that he is constantly thinking about. The fact that he wrote her name on his work instead of his signature shows that he is interested in Florentine. However, because Jean is a selfish and self-centered man he forced himself to forget about Florentine and the feelings he had for her as a way to accomplish this idea he tells himself “[I’ll] not waste any more time on Florentine. Why should she be any different from the others” (31). This justify that he thinks off Florentine as just another girl he can just forget. Thus, proving that she does not mean anything to him. This shows that a person’s imprison does not show who they really are. Florentine thought Jean was the nicest and sweetest person but the n Jean invites her to a movie then watched her, from across the street, go into the movies without him. Jean thinks Florentine is a waste of time which symbolize how evil a man can be when everyone believes their nice imprison. As a result, this shows a person’s imprison does not tell who that person is.
During 1945 the Second World War had a huge effect on people around the world, making life harder for the poor people. The Lacasse family if from a low class, they have a big family but they are so poor they cannot afford to buy new clothing or send the young children to school. When Azarius tells Rose-Anna that they are going to visit her parents she decided to make a shopping list of what she wants from the store, when “She saw the total she froze, terrified” (178). Rose-Anna was shocked by the price of buying three pairs of cotton socks and one pair of shoes. This shows the level of poverty that the Lacasse faces daily, with little help from the government. Spending money is something that the Lacasse are not use to doing...

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