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The Titanic: Could It Have Been Saved?

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In the Atlantic ocean over a thousand years ago, many vikings would cross the ocean in large boats. A lot of them risked being blown off course by bad storms or dying of some disease they had caught on the boat. The boats would sometimes hit something in the water causing the boat to sink. The Titanic however was the exact opposite of other boats. It had no fear of going into the ocean and risking thousands of people’s lives. Do not go anywhere because the story of how the Titanic changed the way of life on the ocean will be continued.
As the Titanic was emerged out of SouthAmpton, many photographers were nearby taking photos of the Titanic’s “big day”. The Titanic had 9 decks and a number of 899 crew members who would help the need of over 1,300 passengers. One captain would be in charge of this ship. Captain Edward J. Smith was chosen as the Captain of the ship. It took around 15,000 men to build the Titanic. The Titanic had a sister ship. The “Olympic” was built next to the Titanic. They were built closely the same. Turbo engines were built in to give the ship more power. The Hull of the ship had a double bottom and around 15 compartments with watertight doors. The doors could be controlled by an electric switch. The walls did not extend all the way up to the next deck. Therefore leaving room at the top for water to overflow into the rest of the Titanic. The number of lifeboats was cut in half so the passengers had extra deck room to walk. The designers thought that would be enough boats for the ship, but some were worried that it was not enough. Later 4 extra collapsible lifeboats were added. Yet again there was still few seats on the boats for about 2,200 people that had boarded the Titanic.
The Titanic was known as possibly the first big disaster of mankind. Victims from all around the world would say it really was the biggest disaster they had ever been part of. There is no way to really tell what happened exactly other than watching a documentary or a movie. The Titanic was the largest ship to ever be built other than its sister. Close to 900 feet long, and 25 stories high the Titanic weighed around 46,000 tons. On April 14,1912 the Titanic hit a massive iceberg damaging close to 300 ft. of the ships hull. The largest moving object that had ever been built was soon to be destroyed by an iceberg.
After the Titanic hit the iceberg, it flooded 6 of the 16 major watertight compartments in the lower section. They were designed by Turn-of-the-Century technology. They could have been blocked off if the ship would of had a punctured Hull. Only 705 out of the 2200 passengers and crew made it to their destination. A lot of people froze to death, but most died by falling off the ship into the ice cold water that would have stopped your heart if one hit it unexpectedly. The Titanic was possibly the worst accident in history that had happened at sea.
The order in which the Titanic’s disaster happened was...

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