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The Title Is Employees Will Work Harder If You... This Is About Employee Motivation. The Importance Of Employee Motivation And The Proper Way To Motivate.

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Employees Will Work Harder if You...Organizational Behavior - News BriefMarch 18, 2003Employees Will Work Harder if You...Introduction:There are many different techniques that can be used in order to reward others for a job well done. It is crucial for businesses to analyze these different methods and implement the one(s) that work(s) the best for them. There are many alternatives that an employer may choose to motivate its crew. There are extrinsic and intrinsic rewards, positive and negative motivators, as well as differentiating between individual and team, or group rewards. The purpose of this paper is to examine the different methods of motivation as an attempt to find the one(s) that are most appealing to employers, individuals, and/or teams.Summary:What is the most influential way to reward workers? This is a critical question that has been pondered by many companies and employers, in which there has not yet been a definitive answer. Managers evoke various processes in order to induce the most superlative results for their company's welfare. Many of these managers have never received formal managerial training with employee motivation; however, they tend to revert to means in which they have been exposed through their previous superiors (Chang, 2003). Depending upon the company's needs, an individual motivational approach may be more beneficial than a group approach, or vice versa. Companies have also popularized the idea of mixing these two customs, as a way to maximize effectiveness.Some employers focus on group or team rewards and have found that this is most efficient alternative. However, other employers have determined that group rewards create hostility between higher and lower producers within the group because all members of the group receive the same rewards, regardless of performance levels. For example, in some situations, the overall quality of a team could be carried by only a few of its colleagues. This scheme tends to frustrate those within higher performance categories, and may even force them to find an employer who will reward individual performance.Some businesses that use group incentives tend to transition to an individual reward program during key seasonal times of the year, primarily Christmas. Yvonne West, the manager of Sainsbury Business Direct, has found that this practice could "badly backfire". She has established that this approach can also be demotivational, because half of the workers might be receiving rewards, and the other half might not (Cocomelos, 2003). Stephen Humphreys disagrees with West's opinion, and feels that those receiving the rewards motivate the underachieving group.Graham Povey, managing director of Capital Incentives, has determined that there should be a combination between group and individual rewards and that the best solution will come from having a good idea of how the group will react. He also stresses the importance of recognizing the company's top performers (Cocomelos, 2003)....

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