The Title Of My Paper Is "Hero". We Had To Do This Paper For English. Tsu And English1010 Essay

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Fendrea Moody
Professor Doner
English 1010
2 October 2017
My Personal Hero
Sometimes adults have children, not understanding the responsibility that comes with having a child. My mother wasn’t the best parent growing up and neither was my dad. They were both focused on other things. Wanted to run around with friends, and stay in the streets all night. That left a big responsibility on my hero. Even though my mother made sure the bills were paid, she was never there. My father didn’t stay with us, but he wasn’t around as much either. My hero didn’t have to do what she did for my little sisters and I. She made sure we were taken care of regardless of what she had to do to make sure that job was done. She always told us “just because you come from the struggle, doesn’t mean you have to be the struggle”. She made sure we weren’t a product of what we come from.
Everyone has someone they look up to and wants to be just like one day. Everyone has different opinions, and whom they would consider a hero. My personal hero is my big sister, Fredrica Moody. She was born January 16, 1989 In Chicago, IL. She moved to Memphis, TN when she was 9 years old. She graduated from Humes High School in 2007. She is very sweet and loving, but can be mean and strict at times. She’s all about positivity, and such great energy to be around. My Sister is my favorite person in the world, because she’s always there when I need her the most. She took the role as being a parent and showed us how to be responsible and respectful. She is the most genuine down to earth person I know. She has sacrificed so much for me, and that is why she is my hero. She Worked 2 jobs in high school, Wendy’s and a corner store in North Memphis that my mother friend owned. She played basketball and softball, and still managed to keep a high grade point average. She graduated with valedictorian. Somehow she always had time to make sure me and the twins were good and taken care of. I remember her picking us up from daycare, helping us with our homework, and just guiding us to make sure we were on the right track. She was only in high school and everybody on our street always thought she was our mother.
When she graduated high school, she went to this small college in Mississippi. The name of the college she went to was Rust College. Before she left for college, I remember her telling me that I was the oldest. I had to be the one to take care of the twins. My mother had no choice, but to stay home and take care of us. She made sure we got to school and ate. I remember telling my mom that our close couldn’t fit us...

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