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The Title Of The Essay Is "The Real Bronx."

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The Real BronxWhen the average person living outside the Bronx thinks about the Bronx, he or she usually thinks of the Bronx as a dangerous and filthy neighborhood. A neighborhood where there are muggers, drug dealers, and vagrants on every corner. This is a very wrong stereotype that has plagued the Bronx for many years. The Bronx is actually a great and exciting place. It does not try to hide anything from you. It gives you anything and everything. It is unique and I would not have it any other wayPeople seem to have a misconception about the Bronx. Earlier this summer, I was fortunate enough to attend a program upstate in SUNY Morrisville in which I interacted with teenagers my age from all over New York State- and I mean from all over- from big towns like Syracuse to small towns like Cherry Creek. Not unexpectingly, when I told someone I was from the Bronx, he asked me, "Have you been shot yet?" I found this pretty humorous and I actually found them to be a little ignorant. The Bronx is not exactly what everyone imagines it to be. As a person who has lived in the Bronx all his life, I can tell you that the Bronx is not the nicest place to grow up in, nor is it the toughest place to grow up in. Yes, crime does exist in the Bronx. Yes, there is a great deal of drug trafficking and yes, gangs do exist in the Bronx. But could you honestly tell me that these things do not exist elsewhere. It is not as dangerous as everyone thinks. People have a tendency to think that when you are in the Bronx, you should always be careful, but shouldn't you be careful everywhere you go. I do not understand how people could actually think that the Bronx is ugly.What people see as ugly about the Bronx, I actually think as beautiful. People have misconceptions about the people and appearances of the Bronx. Many people might find the Bronx to be offensive because of how raw it is. The Bronx is tough not because it is dangerous, but because it holds nothing back from you. That is why people in the Bronx have that raw attitude. We do not take any crap because we know what it is to live a hard life. One of my favorite things about the Bronx are the block parties that occur all over the Bronx every summer. There is nothing like walking down a block smelling your...

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