The Title Of This Essay Is Alexandra A. Maldonado. Alexandra One Of The Great Mexican Painter Of The U.S. He Was Born In 1901 And Died In 1989.

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AlexandraA.MaldonadoIn 1861 to 1872, Mexico's President Benito Ju rez initiates economic and political reforms designed to benefit the poor. And from 1884 to 1911, Porfirio D & Iacuteaz was president of Mexico. But n 1901, was the birth of Alexandra A. Maldonado n Mazatl n, Sinaloa, Mexico. He was only ten years ole when Diaz was over thrown & thousands of families including Maldorado's family, immigrated to the United States. They settled in San Francisco, California. During the appearance of Haleys comet and the Mexican Revolution, (in 1910) Maldonado was also ten, when he entered school in San Francisco, where he learned to speak English despite being ridiculed for his lack of experience with the language . For him, growing up in the North Beach area of San Francisco, is what he experienced as a rough place to live. He thought of North Beach as a neighborhood that deals with prejudice, ideals cities, and better worlds. Maldonado (as a child) was fascinated by experiencing the sight of Haley's comet ( which appears every 76 years).At age 14, Maldonado worked full-time while training to become a boxer. In the 1020's, boxing become a legalized sport in the United States, ushering in the "golden age of boxing". During his five-year career as a professional, he won every fight. His nick-name as a boxer was "Frankie Baker". The year was 1029, and the League Of United American Citizens formed. In 1935, U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal programs aim to ease effects of GreatDepression. And from 1939 to 1945, World War II occurs. During the World War II, Maldonado worked in a shipyard as a riveter. He later, held jobs as a shipping clerk and production line worker. Maldonado was encourage by his sister to take up painting as a hobby, approximately ten years before his retirement. This was around the same time (in the 1960's) when C sar ChavezPage 1becomes leading spokesperson for Mexican American farm workers. He only showed his paintings to his family and close friends, believing that his lack of format training meant he was not a real artist. He approached painting intuitively. His imagery resulting more from discovery, by doing than from preplanning.In the mid- 1960's, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson initiates Great society social and economic reforms. And in 1965, the crusade for justice in Denver calls attention to the need for social services and job opportunities for Mexican American.Maldonado would usually begin with sketched fo existing buildings. Through layers of oil and paint, these sketches evolved into fantasies about the technology of the future. Sometimes, he'd paint the frames of his paintings...

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