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The Title Of This Essay Is Babe Ruth's Life. It Is Brief Biography Of Many Of His Higlights. Which Includes Hitting A Record 60 Homeruns In 1927.

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George Herman Ruth, Jr. was born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was the first of eight children born. George got the nickname "Babe" from his friends while playing baseball.Babe lived with his parents until he was seven years old. He managed to survive the dirty, crowded city of Baltimore. Babe's mom and dad did not show much love or affection for their son. His parents felt that Babe was causing too much trouble for the family, so they decided to send him away. Young Babe was sent to St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys and his father gave the Xaverian Brothers full custody. Essentially the Xaverian Brothers who ran St. Mary's became Babe's parents.At St. Mary's Babe met Brother Mathias. Brother Mathias was a very positive influence for the troubled boy. He even taught Babe how to play baseball. It is because of his difficult childhood and positive influence of Brother Mathias that Babe Ruth came to love children. This explains why all his life he went out of his way to help and encourage kids in need.Babe Ruth amazed everyone at the school with his awesome baseball skills. He was a joy to watch. He played all positions, including pitcher. He showed great potential at a young age. Babe was basically known for hitting towering home runs and throwing very hard. His talent was noticed by the Baltimore Orioles, a professional baseball organization. On February 27, 1914, the Orioles signed Babe Ruth to a contract.Unfortunately, within five months after being signed by the Baltimore Orioles, Babe Ruth was traded to Boston Red Sox. He would only play in Boston for five seasons because the Red Sox's decided to trade him to their rivals, the New York Yankees. The Boston Red Sox didn't realize that they let go the greatest player to ever play the game.The New York Yankees were really happy to have "the Babe" join their team. Before he joined the Yankees, the team had never even won a pennant. The Yankees struggled to put together a winning season until Ruth arrived. As soon as he became a member of the Yankees, they became the best team in the league. For many years to follow, when led by Babe Ruth, the Yankees continued to be the most dominant force in all of baseball. Ruth became an instant superstar and was one of the highest paid ball players of his time. From the years of 1920 to 1933 the Yankees won seven pennants and four World Series Championships.In...

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