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The Title Of This Essay Is "Desire".

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Desire is a multifaceted word with different formal meanings and varied effects on people. Effects are derived from diverse gender, community, age, background experiences with the word, and its different connotations. The most common implication is linked to sexuality because of its influence on self worth in our current American society. The formal definition of desirable is "worth having" but people can also define it as being attractive, pleasing, enviable, popular, advantageous, or arousing desire. Desire means to long for, crave, a wish, to ask for, a request, or a sexual appetite. These definitions are broad, ranging from "a wish" to "attractive." It can be used as physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or practical. It can be meant as a possession or an influence. Mostly this is seen in contrast between objects and people. To describe someone as desirable implies a physical or sexual attraction. To describe a thing as desirable implies sought-after, to want or need something for practical purposes. These days the more sexually appealing a musician or movie star is, the more popular they are with the general public. Many people are envious of individuals that are found more appealing than themselves.Desire is very much a value imposing term. It can be positive by promoting a feeling of being wanted or needed. It can also promote negative feelings of being unwanted or unliked. It has negative implications to need, want, request, or ask for something that you do not have. People can also be targeted by desire. Men generally target women with physical desire and women generally target men with emotional desire. The connotation of this one word portrays how the younger generation of our society derives its self worth from being sexually attractive and therefore shows society's deep-rooted problems with self-esteem.Everyone at some point in their life has issues with their self-image. The American culture excessively promotes younger generations to derive their self worth by appearing more sexually attractive. Popular stars, which serve many as role models, dress sexually appealing and teenagers and children try to copy the look. Attention getting or attractive clothes for women, as told by many women's magazines, are revealing. This is then said to boost sexual appeal. In the past money, family, and assets played a part in self worth. Affluent people and those with common family values were more desirable for marriage. Now the focus is on looks and sex appeal. The saying nowadays that "sex sells" says it all. People relate entertainment and advertising to sexuality. You see its influence everywhere, in movies, radio, advertisements, magazines, television, and. the internet.I believe desire is defined differently in our society now as opposed to the past. With a modern society that bases self-worth on sexual attractiveness, the association, of many words and phrases, has taken on a sexual base. For example words such as intimate and passion have...

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