The Tolerance Of Violence In America Review Of "Flaming Guns Of The Purple Sage"

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Violence is a very prevalent issue in America today. Acts of violence and hatred have become all too common in our daily lives. We hear about it on the radio, we see it on the television, the nightly news, the movie advertisements for gruesome movies, such as, The Texas Chainsaw Murders, we read about it the newspaper and witness it in our schools. In the play "Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage", written by Jane Martin, the characters kill a man, chop him up, hide the evidence and go on with their lives as if nothing had happened.Flaming Guns of the Purple Sage may be a fictitious story, but it gives an excellent example of the complacency we have when it comes to hearing about a violent act, we hear it, and we say oh what a tragedy and then we go on with our lives. It is as if we have become immune to violence. It is like the gynecologist who sees twenty vaginas in one day, or the ER doctor who sees blood and guts everyday, they become immune to the shock factor. Because we see, hear, read and sometimes experience violence on a daily basis, we have become immune to one of our most important human traits, the act or feeling of compassion.Can this tolerance of violence be blamed on the media? Some would say so. An article by Rob Hendin and Beverley Lumpkin of CBS News, reports that "some of the police chiefs blame the exacerbation of crime on a "thug mentality" that has been glamorized in music and movies. The sheriff of Las Vegas blames gangsta rap music and its effects on young people. An Arizona chief said some of our youth have become a 'throw-away generation; nobody cares for them.' "It appears that today there is a lower valuation of human life," Louisville, Ky., Mayor Jerry Abramson told the authors of the report."In the book, Crime is Not the Problem: Lethal Violence in America, the authors Gordon Hawkins and Franklin E. Zimring discuss their findings on the subject of violence in the mass media and its effects on America. They explain that there is a huge gap in what people think about this situation and the real facts from behavioral science. They rationalize that there are at least two reasonable explanations that may account for the gap between popular belief and scientific assessment."In the first place, violence in the mass media is a source of discomfort and concern to many of those who observe it. That is the case whether the cornucopia of gore that spills from modern television sets generates or merely reflects social tendencies. And when such media communications provoke discomfort and anxiety, it is natural for citizens to regard them as a cause of violence. Blaming the messenger who brings bad tidings is a recurrent phenomenon. As Shakespeare put it: 'The bringer of unwelcome news hath but a losing office.'"Secondly, they explain that "media portrayals of, and emphasis on, violence may produce long-term...

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