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The Tools Used To Obtain Knowledge Influence How People View The World And Themselves

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People are continuously evolving. While, the physical form stays the same our minds have recently undergone a huge change in how they process information. This change is coupled with an increase in the amount of information that is available to a person. With all of these changes it is important to use this new information, and the knowledge acquired from it, wisely. In Sherry Turkle’s essay How Computers Change the Way We Think she opens with the statement, “The tools we use to think change the way in which we think”(1). Turkle argues that computers are changing the way that people process information, and it is possible that people are losing a part of themselves and forgetting ...view middle of the document...

Computers can allow people an escape from the dangerous world that surrounds us. Turkle feels that the use of avatars can have positive effects. They can allow adolescents a safe place that can be used for personal exploration. This “identity play” is fundamental for adolescent development. On the other hand, it is possible that it will become harder for people to develop authentic sense of self. The anonymous and removed nature of online encounters may result in people not having enough experience with real human emotions. Additionally, people may lose the skills that are needed to maintain relationships. Turkle writes, that online relationships give the “illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship” (2).
Turkle also explains that the binary environment that computers provide are not preparing people for the real world. When computing people are forced to operate with in strict guidelines and left with few choices. Issues are made “black and white” there is good and evil and write and wrong. Sadly, the real world does not work this way. People need to be able to understand the complexity of problems and be able to creatively find solutions. With the prevalent use of computers in modern society it is possible that people may lose the ability to effectively solve and emotionally deal with problems. Adding to the problem is that rate of word processing. The rapid rate in which people compute and word process does not allow the human mind time to fully think about a problem. If people change the way in which they think about and process information we may lose an important aspect of being human.
Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein, also touches on these topics. The character of Victor Frankenstein is consumed by his work. This obsession results in him forsaking his...

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