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The Big Lebowski And American Gangster

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I have decided to analyze the film Underworld: Awakening in terms of the three act structure and then compare it to two other films that we watched in class, namely: The Big Lebowski and American Gangster. This movie was the fourth in the Underworld sequel and was released on January 20th, 2012. It was among the first films to garner more $ 100 million in revenues during that year. It was also the most watched of the four films in the Underworld sequel. It fits well in the horror films genre, but may as well fit as an action and science fiction movie as well.
The film begins with a voice over narration by the main character, Selene. She recounts the events that have occurred in two of the three earlier films in the sequel. The setting at the beginning of the film is in the year 2015. The vampires and Lycans have been discovered to exist among the humans, and the humans are out to exterminate them (Underworld: Awakening, 2012). Selene talks about how so many of the people have been killed by humans using weapons that are fatal to the two supernatural creatures. The weapon against the vampires is ultraviolet light, while the Lycans are annihilated by silver.
Despite being a vampire, Selene is immune to UV light as a result of the gift of immortality received from Corvinus, the father of the immortal creatures. Michael, her lover, is also immune being a hybrid of the two creatures. Selene and Michael are about to escape from the humans that are hunting them only to be captured and getting cryogenically frozen. She remains in that state for twelve years in a laboratory facility named Antigen. The purpose of her retention there is to apparently create an antidote to counter vampires and Lycans viruses. She is freed by ‘subject 2’ herself being referred to as ‘subject 1.’ upon getting freed, she springs into action and escapes using her supernatural abilities (Underworld: Awakening, 2012). She instinctively assumes that subject 2 is Michael, and they can telepathically see through each other’s eyes.
The first quarter and act of the film comes to an end when Selene assails one of the doctors from Antigen and gets the revelation that subject two is her daughter and not Michael. She sets out to search for her daughter, which ushers the viewers into the action packed middle half of the film. In the confrontation act of the film, she comes across David, one of the few remaining vampires who offers to assist her after a brief confrontation. They find a young girl being pursued by Lycans, even though it had earlier on been presumed they were extinct. After a fighting off and killing the Lycans, they realize that the young girl has been bitten. David offers to have her taken to the cavern where his family and a group of other vampires reside and have her healed. Once inside, David’s father expresses his disappointment at having Selene in their premises and gives them an ultimatum to leave that place immediately after the girl is healed (Underworld:...

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