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The Most Effective Form Of Media

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The Most Effective Form of Media

There are many different types of media. The media is things like:
televisions, newspapers, magazines, radio, internet, cinema, phones
and many more. Media is important because it influences people to buy
products. They are very affective and appeal to many people.

Adverts are things that show certain products and try to get you to
buy them. The purpose of adverts is to make you buy the products being
advertised so they can make a profit. Companies spend a lot of money
on adverts because if the adverts are perfect the product’s sales will
be much higher than when the product isn’t advertised. We find adverts
everywhere you find them on the television, radio and the internet.
You also get them in magazines, newspapers, football grounds and on
the players shirts. You even get them in public toilets because when
you are in there they might just catch your eye and they may interest

Adverts try to persuade us to buy their products by using different
persuasive techniques. The persuasive techniques that are used are
things like: slogans and logos, pictures, layout of the advertisement,
the use of statistics and many more. Adverts also use hidden
persuaders which are like persuasive techniques, but they are
disguised. Hidden persuaders are things that are used like: addressing
the audience directly, personalising it and celebrities because if
they are using it, it will be a good product. Sex appeal and use of
striking colours are also used and if a few of these techniques are
used the advert will be a fairly good advert.

In television advertising only certain channels allow products to
advertise on their channels. The BBC do not allow advertising because
they get the money from the television licenses, however they do
advertise their own shows. Channels four, five and ITV do show adverts
because they need the money from the advertisement companies so their
channel can keep afloat. Sky and cable completely rely on television
adverts because they need it for the funding. The advantages of
advertising on the television is you can have sound, movement, special
affects and it is visual. The disadvantages of advertising on the
television is that the programme you are watching is split up, people
usually go for a snack when they come on and the small print can be
difficult to read. I have analysed a television advert and I have
chosen, ‘L’Oréal’, the shampoo and conditioner. The target audience
for this is probably women that like to look after their hair. The
time the advert appeared was between nine and ten at night, on ITV. It
was on between Footballers Wives, and this was a good time to put it
on as the target audience may have been watching the television at
this time. The reason I have chosen this product is because it has a
lot of hidden...

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