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The Most Effective Way Of Handling Foodborne Illness

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Reports indicates that “there are 76 million cases of food poisoning in the United States each
year, most of which go unreported”(Michon). Food; one of the pleasures of being a human being in this world, the way it looks, the way it smells, and the way it tastes. All that pleasure can be diminished by
something deadly. How can we decrease the amount of foodborne illness within the culinary field?
Almost everyone knows the answers to that question. It depends on whether or not people take this matter seriously and if they are consistent about it. There are also cases where owners do not focus their attention on the most troublesome pathogens because they are worried about their own business functioning or even just ignorant about it. Foodborne illnesses are very dangerous to our health and some of them kill when people do not see it coming. Some people knows that, some of these owners and managers believes that its not going to happen to their foodservice business. They don’t realize it when they hiring people that are not educated in food safety handling. They must be made to understand. Despite the progression of proper food preparation, There are business owners that violate the basic principles of food safety with their choice of actions that jeopardize the very health of the public.
The pathogens are nothing new, the foodborne illnesses takes it back “23 centuries
to the spring of 323 BC”(Anderson). There use to be a powerful ruler called Alexander
the great who was at his prime was a successful conqueror decided to relax at Babylon. “According
to Greek historians, he was staying at the Palace of Nebuchadnezzar when he developed a bad
stomachache”(Anderson). Turns out that something was really wrong with him, Alexander the great had a fever and it made him weak. His followers believed that by laying him to rest, that Alexander would overcome the fever that dwelled inside him. It soon began a timer for the old ruler’s death as he suffered abdominal pain and chills until June 11, he died. That is one of the oldest stories that had the dreadful foodborne illnesses reeking havoc. No one was really sure what exactly happened in that time of his death, but people from the university of maryland believed that he died by a possible foodborne illness such as salmonella typhi. People now a days believe that foodborne illness existed before this event with Alexander the great going back to the Stone Age. The reason why it is not so bad today as it was all
those years ago is because of the experience that was gained from centuries of enduring the pain by
the foodborne illnesses that taken the lives of many. As a result in today’s society there medical treatments to combat the specific foodborne illness on the individual depends on what the foodborne illness really is.(Anderson)
People can get sick in a multitude of ways, especially from eating contaminated food when
they come through the door without anyone...

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