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The Toronto Sun And Caribana: Case Study

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The Toronto Sun and Caribana:Case StudySubmitted to:Sir Francis ArroyoSubmitted by:Rizalina BernardoJezza BautistaOM106-BSTEP 1:WHAT ARE THE KEY ISSUES OR PROBLEMS OF THE CASE?Situational ProblemSamantha Morrison has a problem but it is clearly not her ability or capability to deliver a good performance because of background experience on numerous earned work opportunities. Where she is a very passionately active from her youth and college days that she constantly promote herself involve in various activities, projects and gained job experience on elaborate skill tasks which qualifies her to the employee position in the Toronto Sun promoting department. She feels pressure on taking on a big project.The problem does not rely on her qualifying skills as a project manager. It was never questionable but it relies on the preparation of a timeline and task schedule ahead on impending due date which require step by step procedure on the delicate situation to pursue and minimal mistakes on scheduling in order there will be no set back on the parade day. The project was not originally hers but her colleague who failed to make progress on the assigned task. Which Larissa Presso, the director of promotion for the Toronto Sun and Morrison's boss, made a decision that Morrison intervene and take over.Key Issue of the Case ProblemSo the first key issue in the case is the desired outcome of the project that is the parade float to be constructed in which it is to push through with the planning where Toronto Sun is a major sponsor in the Scotia bank Caribana Festival. As stated in the case that it was imperatively crucial for the Toronto Sun to have a float in the parade because of the already paid sponsorship and all the other major sponsors form other company would also have a parade. So the float is an urgently important to Toronto Sun.Also the second key issue is the impending time slot limit of 8 weeks challenge to get it the entire necessary requirement done on Aug 2. Her recently upgraded position as a senior promotion coordinator at the Toronto Sun which gives the new burdensome responsibility to pick up where it's left off by where her colleague failed to do so. Which she evaluate that it will be a lot of work which she is right because of the burden to assess the current progress and must determine the next interlude. To make a timeline and task schedule on the entire procedure that must be plan out executively proper.Her challenge is to get the plan start with numerous tasks ahead to deal with. her task on executing and controlling the project task is very demandable on a concise and appeal plan that will get everything organize and will minimize the mistakes for once again there will be no setbacks of pulling out the plan intended. Thing must be needed to be properly executed and controlled handle.The following are numerous tasks of the things must be done before or on August 2:SPECIFIC KEY ISSUESContacting the FMC (Festival Management Committee)...

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