The Torture In Force Feeding Essay

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Officials at Guantanamo Bay are being accused once again for torturing the prisoners by force feeding them. According to Thiessen force feeding is harmless and shouldn't be taken literal. It shouldn't be taken literal because it’s a method for healing and not torture. Natalie’s story about her demonstration of how easy, and harmless force feeding can be is an example of how that type of procedure isn't torture. Many detainees don’t just volunteer to start a hunger strike. Many are put under pressure from terrorist leaders inside the camp. These hunger strikes don't happen out of the blue. They are usually organized all at once to enforce uncontrollable strikes. If only one detainee was to ...view middle of the document...

While these doctors and/or officers are just doing their job, I noticed that if one refuses to eat what they're given, we shouldn't behave in a rational way and force feed them. My answer to Obama’s question is we shouldn't be forceful in our feeding ways to the detainees. If they don't want to be fed then they shouldn't be fed. I think that once given freedom, morals and believes come in to play as to whether or not the right thing should be made. In this case the detainee’s would feel an effect in their eating habit or even in their religious aspect toward the action of hunger striking. We shouldn't be so direct to solve this problem, instead we should play out a role of patience and see how these detainee’s react on the doctors and/or officers new actions.
Detainees at Guantanamo Bay shouldn’t be force fed because of the pain they must attain within the procedure. I took the liberty to view the video that was given in the article, which proved that force feeding is very painful and shouldn’t be done. In this emotional and moving video I experienced a rapper and liberal activist named Mos Def. Def experienced about 2.5 percent of a real force feeding procedure. In the video it states that the procedure takes two hours, while he only on lasted...

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