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The Total Quality Program For A Computer

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The Total Quality Program for a Computernamecollege / courseinstructordateAbstractThe Total Quality Program for a Computer is an exploration of the steps involved in launching a new computer to targeted audiences with a focus on the business and management practices involved. An examination of consumer input, management, employees, suppliers, and distribution intermediaries' processes used in development of the product focusing on planning, empowerment and conflict management techniques.The Total Quality Program for a ComputerSupply and demand is the core of commerce as we know it today. Although that statement is probably backwards - unlike the chicken and egg cliché, for proper economics the demand should first exist before it is supplied. To make a case study, Company XYZ is implementing new infrastructure in their IT department and have some very specific requirements of their end nodes (the computer, or PC). Company PDQ is a computer manufacturer and can provide these computers to XYZ. XYZ has a Total Quality Management (TQM) requirement. PDQ agrees to the TQM requirement and interprets the flowchart provided by XYZ with a focus on planning, empowerment, and conflict management.To create a computer, PDQ must plan their course of action. There are five phases to the planning stage: 1) Customer Input, 2) Top Management, 3) Employees, 4) Suppliers, and 5) Distribution Intermediaries. Gathering customer input for their computer is an essential step; this defines the scope, the requirements, the timeline, and other related project planning criterion. The top management of both corporations will define the input in a contract; a mutually agreed-upon qualitative document of specifications. PDQ management also needs to allocate resources (people, time, and money) to fulfilling the project. Research would be performed regarding suppliers of the specified computer components, and whether or not an intermediate distributor can fundamentally contribute to the project in whole or in part (meaning, can an outside company provide the computers or assembled parts of the computers ready-made at a competitive cost, or provide labor at a lesser rate). Developing a course of action for the plan implementation takes place, and there should be regularly scheduled updates in which PDQ communicates to XYZ the progress of development. Planning, however, is merely a skeleton - for the skeleton to function correctly the 'muscles' of the skeleton (the employees) should be able to stretch and contract!It is vital for any successful project to have some level of empowerment built in to the planning. The contract between XYZ and PDQ would ideally empower PDQ to execute on the need (the computer) without detailing the methodology. Negotiators defining the contract need to be empowered to perform their function without costly time delays to 'check in.' If component buyers for PDQ find a part matching specifications for a fraction of the planned cost, they should be...

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