The Tower Of Babel And The Nimrod Effect

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The Tower of Babel and the Nimrod Effect

The Tower of Babel and the Nimrod Effect which ensued are powerful
reminders of the sovereignty of God. All too often, however, man's innate desire
to be recognized as a god gives rise to a despot; a ruler who condones and
advocates the dehumanization and enslavement of mankind. This common
occurrence is referred to as the Nimrod Effect, with the ruler titled an Oriental
Despot. Nimrod, the Babylonian monarch who commissioned the construction of
the Tower of Babel, was the prototypical Oriental Despot. This threatened the
sovereign power of God the Creator, so in retribution he caused the confusion of
language and the dispersion of peoples. Although the populace no longer
shared the communal bond of speech, they had one common attribute: the
presence of an Oriental despot. The Nimrod Effect, although part of man's fallen
nature, is an affront to God the Creator. The crumbling of the social strata, which
an Oriental Despot invariably causes, and leads to the inhumane treatment and
abject humiliation of his subjects, and a perpetual disposition towards an
authoritarian system of administration.
The procedure which will be followed will include an analysis of why a
confusion of languages produced social breakdown. These analyses will include
those of various sociologists and theorists. Other scholars will lend his or her
opinion as to why the Nimrod Effect repetitively occurs. This will lead into
extreme cases throughout history where an Oriental despot appeared.
The confusion of the languages of the earth produced obvious
complications in daily routines. G. C. Homans' examination of the steps in social
disintegration give a systematic analysis of the complete disintegration of society
in the era of Nimrod. First, sentiments that led group members to collaborate
declined in number and power. This leads to a decrease in the activities
between the members. Next, the frequency of interaction between members of
the society decreased, causing the stability of the leadership to falter. Ultimately,
social control weakened, and the disintegration of the society is complete.1
In addition, Emile Durkheim's state of anomie is applicable to this
situation. Anomie, as defined by Webster is, "a lack of purpose or identity in a
person or in a society; rootlessness." When the language of the earth was
confused, anomie was produced.. When the workers and foremen could no
longer communicate, and the Tower was destroyed, the members of society had
nothing to bind them together, excepting their humanity. Robert Merton, in his
analysis of "social structure and anomie," was of the opinion that social
structures do two fundamental things: define goals, and enforce ways of
achieving them. He also opined that "in a society where there is tremendous
emphasis on the goals without emphasis on institutional procedures, Durkheim's
state of anomie is produced.2 ...

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