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The Town That Loves Chicken Essay

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The Town that Loves Chicken

The part of Pennsylvania, where Fredericksburg lies is known as PA Dutch country USA (PA Towns 1). In this small town of Fredericksburg lies three chicken plants. When you’re anywhere in the town, you could walk to any of the three chicken plants within five minutes. This could be why Fredericksburg takes chicken so seriously. At Bell and Evans Airport in Fredericksburg , which is owned by a chicken plant, there is an annual festival that is anticipated each year by most all the locals. This festival is known as the Hinkelfest.

Hinkel is the German word for chicken. So yes, Fredericksburg has a festival all about chickens (Experience PA 1). At this three day long festival, persons can join in activities such as a 5K run, a cooking contest, and lots of games (Hinkelfest 2003 1). The biggest part of the Hinkelfest would have to be all the food. Since the festival is to celebrate chicken, all the dishes there are made with chicken in some way. Kim Zellers says, “The chicken inspired dishes are unlike anywhere else in the world, they are just that good.” Shanna Drahowsky added, “there are a lot of different foods made with chicken that I never heard of before like chicken hot dogs, chicken burgers, and chicken egg rolls.”

One reason why the community of Fredericksburg goes to the Hinkelfest religiously each year could be because it is so cheap. You could go to the Hinkelfest, park for free, get in for free, and stuff your self with chicken at a relatively low cost (Hinkelfest 2003 1). At the Hinkelfest you can also watch free, live country music (2003 Country Music Shows 1). This festival is really important to the community and everyone that goes has fun. When Shanna Drahowsky was asked about the Hinkelfest, she put it into three words, “Its just fun.” The Hinkelfest is also a local meeting place for the community, including the school too. Kim Zellers, a student from the local High School said, “I go each year because it is a place to hang out, and spend time with friends you haven’t seen for a while, kind of like a reunion.”

If a person would go to the Hinkelfest who is not from the area, would just see it as just another carnival with rides, food, music, and games, but for locals, the Hinkelfest means something more to them. Tricia Hartman said, “I go to the Hinkelfest every year because it represents something special about the town we live in. Fredericksburg...

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