The Culture Of Poverty And Economic Disparity In The Us

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The social worker is designed to help ones improve their living conditions on the social, economic or cultural level. The social worker will help individual overcome their difficulties and develop their own capacities to maintain or restore their independence and facilitate their social integration. One of the most important goals of social workers is to discover the cause and poverty and help build an equitable society. Poverty can be defined as a social phenomenon that surpasses the fact of being poor. The figure of the poor has become a form of social issue.
As we go through our daily lives, we are forced to encounter all the impacts that ones Culture play on the level of their poverty. The concept of ‘culture of poverty” can be refer to as an ensemble of norms and behaviors which enclosed a certain group of individuals, which at the origin were attached to certain behavioral patterns that were transmitted to them from generation to generation. Culture determines the stagnation of a social group, therefore cultural patterns play a role in maintaining differences between groups in terms of wealth, status, and power where as individual qualities can help shape beliefs, prejudices, and social disparity. The American political structure enforces the dysfunctional social structure and lack of opportunities which maintain the certain communities under the threshold poverty line

Every community has their own behavioral patterns which pertain to their social recognition and help shape their way of life. Culture privileges a certain group of individuals as a whole while the implication of culture in the impoverishment of certain minorities is sometimes ignored. The existence of a dominant culture implies the subordination of other groups which eventually keep these groups in a constant state of poverty.
Cultural differences affect the process of growth of minorities and help the dominant culture sustain its power. Generally Poor communities have a mentality that prevents them from seizing opportunities that...


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