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The Tradition Of Smoking Cigars Essay

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In centuries past, cigars were entrenched in affluence, power and luxury. Now that they are available and affordable a cigar culture has emerged of people devoted to loving the leaf.

As a beginner, you may wonder about different reasons to enjoy a cigar. Let us show the ways!

I. The Tradition of Smoking Cigars
One of the oldest traditions associated with smoking cigars happened during the Victorian era when gentlemen retired to the library after dinner, where they smoked cigars and sipped brandy.
Legend has it that Queen Victoria frowned upon smoking anywhere ladies were present. The people weren't at liberty to smoke in public during her reign. After Queen Victoria passed, King Edward ...view middle of the document...

III. Picking Out the Flavors

You had a personal reason to take up cigars as a hobby. Now, you obviously enjoy the taste of a good cigar, don't you? Part of your tutelage for becoming a cigar aficionado is discerning and describing subtle flavor nuances. Always sniff a new cigar first to pick up its aroma.

Don't try to sound ostentatious with high-dollar words like "piquant". Chances are, you'll come off sounding like a pretentious snob. The four most common flavors are: earthy, woody, spicy or sweet. Let these serve as a starting point from where you can spread your wings.

Pick words your energy resonates with when you're identifying flavors. If the cigar is woody, does it remind you of the oak tree where your dad hung a rope swing? If so, you could say - this cigar is oak flavored. Get the picture?

Words like cinnamon, spicy or peppery compare cigar flavors with food. With practice, you'll be able to use your words to describe flavors.

Take a tip from us: Unless you're the type who reads the last page of a book first, start with long, thin cigars. They smoke cooler where stubbys get pretty darned hot.

IV. Rituals of Cigar Smoking

The ritual coupled with cigar smoking is slow and gentle.

Savoring: Here there is much anticipation, often punctuated with (snarky?) comments from friends. Introduce oneself to the particular cigar by lightly rolling with the fingers. Sniffing of its aroma and cutting off of the head must occur. Finally, the drawing in of its pre-lit flavor completes savoring.

Experiencing: There is an almost teasing quality to lighting the stick. The cigar's foot is warmed. One should circle the cigar 'round and 'round the flame in smooth movements, as if waltzing with a beautiful lady.

Satisfaction: Here, the exquisite moment manifests - the drawing-in of magnificent flavor and exhalation.

V. Making New Friends

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