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The Traditional Nuclear Family Is A Vital Institution In Producing And Maintaining A Healthy Society In Britain.

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The traditional nuclear family is small and compact, consisting of a mother, father and two or three children. The female role within the family is with motherhood and housework. The husband provides for and protects and is a disciplining role model for the family. It includes a heterosexual relationship which is based on romantic love. The children of the family are the outcome of their parents love.The traditional view is important within society because their believes have powerful consequences for family life in the UK. These views are often reflected within the Government and the economy and labour force, religious leaders, politicians, editors of newspapers and also often reflected upon in many relationships within society.Functionalist believes that the nuclear family provides many functions within society. They believe the family is good because it fits industrial society. Chester suggests that a neo-conventional family which wives are periodically employed outside the home, as the more usual arrangement in modern society. He argues that the nuclear family is numerically dominant if people are counted rather than households. It is most people's experience of family and it is also ideologically dominant. It suits people because it provides intimacy without oppression. Parsons argues that the family functions to relieve the stress of modern day living, this is often to referred to as the 'warm bath theory', in that the family provides a relaxing environment for the male worker to immerse himself in after a hard day at work.Marxist views on the family believe that it provides a health society. The nuclear family unit is seen to be more capitalism friendly because it can be used as an ideological apparatus to promote capitalist values e.g. consumer advertising is primarily aimed at nuclear families, and it encourages them to pursue capitalist goals by stressing the importance of materialism and keeping up with the 'Jones''.Feminists believe that the nuclear family image is pervasiveness in the media, consumer packaging, and government policy is damaging because people are misguided into believing this structure is the only appropriate one in which to live. The images obscures and neglects the reality of family life with its violence, oppression and exploitation. It encourages an ethnocentric view of the family life and assumes the domestic role of women and power of men is correct and necessary. The family is the mechanism...

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