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The Tragedy Of Julius Ceaser: A Story Of Abstract Gender Roles

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The issues involving The Tragedy of Julius Ceaser is an equivocal topic, although to narrow one down is to reiterate how the men and women are viewed in this society. This play written by William Shakespeare, he introduced numerous characters but there are a few focal characters that surface around the idea of a bend in gender roles. To clarify, the characters that illustrate this are Julius Ceaser, the romans leader, as well as, his wife Calpurnia; and the other being Brutus, Ceasers friend, and his devoted wife Portia. This book reveals how dominance was ensued in men, while women’s worries were taken into account, but when challenged by a man’s there was no decision to be made the man hurled toward their fellow man’s idea. They felt that the men made more logical decisions when in fact that was utterly wrong.
Throughout The Tragedy of Julius Ceaser Ceaser was depicted as being so naïve that he felt men were spontaneously right in any decision made. This proves itself in the text when Calpurnia was trying to warn Ceaser about her vivid dream of the roman people bathing in his blood. Calpurnia even told Ceaser she had never seen this before and she stated “Your wisdom is consumed in confidence. Do not go forth today” (II.ii.49-50). She was telling Ceaser you’re letting your ambition take over your wisdom; she warned Ceaser to the point of her getting on her knees begging. Ceaser attitude in Act 2, Scene 2 is shown as being a big gullible when he is so easily convinced by Decius that Calpurnia has interpreted the dream all wrong. Finally Ceaser’s confidence ultimately is shown as his killer; if it wasn’t for Ceaser letting Decius trick him he wouldn’t have went and he would have listened to his wife and wouldn’t have been stabbed by a man that was his so-called best friend.
Consequently, Brutus was also revealed as having the same feelings for women as his friend Ceaser. Brutus was manipulated into thinking that the people of Rome wanted him rather...

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