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The Tragedy Of The Titanic Essay

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In its day, the Titanic was the largest, most modern cruise liner in the world. The builders
claimed that the ship was unsinkable and that not even God Himself could sink it. On the day of its
maiden voyage, all of the English dignitaries and others from around the world were there to witness
this historic event. Little did they know, it would be a voyage that would end in great tragedy and
hundreds of lives would be lost.

The Titanic was built entirely out of steel from Asia and stood eleven stories high. It took two
years to build. In the bottom of the ship there were three chambers designed to hold water in case of
a leak. The architect of the ...view middle of the document...

The ship began to take on water, so they had to close off one of the chambers.
They thought that took care of the problem, but in only two hours the ship started to sink. Passengers
were alerted to come to the top deck. They were given life jackets. Women and children from the
First Class were put onto the life boats first, and only a few of the Middle and Third Class people
were allowed to go with them. Most of the Third Class people were locked in the bottom of the ship
because there were already too many people on the top deck. Also, there were not enough life boats
to carry all the people on board because they felt the ship was unsinkable and they wouldn’t be needed.
When the last life boat left people began to jump into the water. The water was so cold that the people
froze to death or were drowned. As the ship sank, it broke in half. This caused the rest of the people
to go into the water.

On that fateful April 14th day, one thousand five hundred people died. Approximately seven hundred
people from the life boats lived,...


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