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The Tragic Camps Of The Holocaust

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There have been many wars over the years, however most people would say the time during the holocaust was one of the most terrifying. The holocaust was a horrific tragedy. It began in Germany on January 1933 and it ended may 8th 1945. The people that were brutally murdered were: Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies, People with mental disabilities (because they were a “burden” on society), Jehovah’s witnesses, and children (so they couldn’t create another generation of Jews.) These types of people were selected simply because they were disliked by Hitler and other German people (The Holocaust). The camps were very cruel and a lot of people died during this time.
Cattle carts played a big role in the killing of many people. They took the disliked people to the camps/gas chambers to be killed. They told them they were being transported to another work environment in order to get them to participate. The cattle wagons had no room to breathe, nothing to eat, nowhere to use the bathroom, or even water to keep them hydrated (BBC News). The worst part of all is that they had to be stuck there in those horrible conditions for eighteen days. Many of them died along the way and, in order to stay alive, the others had to resort to cannibalism, even if it was their own family.
On the night of November 1930, the soldiers started a program against Jews in Austria and Germany which was called “Kristallnacht” (also known as Night of Broken Glass). Approximately 30,000 Jews were arrested and sent to the concentration camps. April 1, 1933 was the beginning of a living nightmare for all of the people that Hitler and the other Germans did not like. The Nazis started their first “riot”, if you will, against Jews by boycotting all Jewish ran businesses. The laws that were issued September 15, 1935 started to exclude Jews from public life. Not too long after World War II, which started in 1939, the Jews were ordered to wear a yellow Star of David on their clothes so they could easily be recognized.
Even though many people only know about the concentration camps, there were many other camps involved in the Holocaust including: extermination camps, labor camps,...

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