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The Trails Of Bone And The Hontu Family

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The land of Atorok was peaceful. That is, before it happened. The land was full of many kinds of creatures. There were Humans, Monder, Vasharak, and Radiek. The four races had sworn an Oath of protection to each other. But soon the days grew dark, and that Oath was broken.
The Radiek leader Monsume corrupted the minds of the Radiek, causing war. The other races were forced into hiding as Monsume crawled to power. During this time a boy, named Hontu, was raised in the Human lands. He was only ten, when the Radiek attacked his village. During their escape his dad was pierced by an arrow. His mom, his sister, and himself went into hiding as well.
Seeing know other choice, the three races organized a plan. A small group of races, Monder, Vasharak, and Humans, decided to escape by the path of Antreark. Its nick-name, The Trail of Bones. It was a risky quest, but Hontu’s family were willing to take that risk.

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That’s when her heard the shrill yell of his mother to come to dinner. He growled in frustration and hurled a stone into the trees. He turned to leave when he heard a sound that was not the sound of the rock making contact to twigs, it was not his mom, it was something else.
Hontu wheeled on his feet to see a large black wolf creeping from the woods. It snarled, drool flicking from its mouth like tiny raindrops. Beads of sweat dripped down Hontu’s neck. Black wolfs were the foulest of there kind.
Terrified, Hontu scrabbled away drawing his short blade, but the wolf was already upon him. He felt the wolf’s teeth sink into his lower leg, causing him to lose his footing.
“No!” he cried as he stumbled and fell. The wolf placed its paws on his chest restraining him. By reflex he jabbed his blade into the wolf’s rib. The wolf howled in agony as blood spilled from its wound staining Hontu’s shirt. Hontu grunted and heaved the wolf off him knowing more wolves will soon arrive.
“Wolves, wolves!” Hontu shouted running through the camp like a beheaded chicken.
“What kind,” spoke one of the Monder grabbing him firmly by the shirt.
“Black wolves,” Hontu stammered. The Monder hesitated with a bit of fear in his eyes.
“Protect the woman and children,” he finally said, “All men gather your arms. Black wolves coming for the camp.” Yelps of horror came from the people as they scrabbled into there positions, taking orders from the Monder. The idea was to get the woman and children in a group so that the warriors could circle them creating a protective circle. We got the idea after the spider incident.
The defense was almost in position, when they came. One leapt from behind a tent, snatching a man’s leg in it’s barred teeth. The battle was vicious. Men were being taken to the ground and dragged away shrieking. Hontu had placed himself near his family with two other warriors and that fluffy faced lion man that his sister adored.
“What a loser,” Hontu thought. But now was not the time to be complaining, for wolves were on the loose. The fight ended brutally. Three men were killed with four wounded. Only two citizens were wounded, concluding the defense a success.
“This is going to be a lot harder then I thought,” Hontu whispered under his breath.

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