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The Learning Perspective Essay

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The Learning Perspective

The learning perspective what is it? This is the study of how exactly a person is effected through what they learn on a daily basis. Through family, their surroundings and behavior. The people who believe this line of thinking are called behaviorists. Many people look at the learning perspective in a suspiciouse manner not believeing or trusting any of the experiments. But there are many contributions and many limitations of the learning perspective.
In the list of the contributions you will find all different types of positive aspects from the learning perspective. One is " The recognition that we all influence others and in turn are influenced by others everyday of our lives whether we know it or not." This is so true because everyone has role models and people they look up to whether they like it or not. This is a big part of a social learning because it is another person affects everyone whether it is something they are willing to admit to or not. People are constantly manipulating their environment whether it is something meant to be done or something just done. The second contribution is "The understanding that merely naming a behavior does not explain it" Just calling some one some type o labeled name does not explain their actions because you call them lazy but what really are they and why and calling a person an alcoholic why not just say they drink too much and can't stop. In this manner a learning approach gets rid of that circle pattern of thinking and tries to self defeat these behaviors. The third contribution is "A wide range of practical applications" you can apply the learning perspective to an everyday life. Whether at home at school at the work place anywhere. To adjust these life styles you can use something like goals by setting a specific goal, that is challenging...

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