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The Traits Of Good Leaders Essay

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From the beginning of time, men have thought to have ruled the world. As time went on, civilizations increased. These civilizations needed someone to guide them. Some memorable leaders of the ancient world were Genghis Khan, Charlemagne, Augustus Caesar, Justinian, and Nero. There were exceptional leaders such as Charlemagne and there were inadequate leaders such as Hammurabi. How do we define what makes someone a good leader? A good leader should be strategic, diligent, and protective of the people in his empire. Some good examples of leaders who shared these qualities were Mansa Musa, Genghis Khan, Justinian, and Charlemagne.
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Secondly, another trait these great leaders had in common was that they were strategic. In the text titled, “ Charlemagne, the Holy Roman Emperor,” the text states, “ He married the daughter of the king of another powerful group, the Lombards. Together, the Lombards and the Franks were nearly unstoppable in their power.” To clarify, Charlemagne was strategic since he used different forces to empower himself. Another leader who was strategic was Justinian. Being strategic means you make the smart move at any given situation. Justinian was strategic because he rebuilt the Hagia Sophia and stopped the Nika Riots. This made him strategic because he decided to sustain his empire instead of allowing it to collapse. Some scholars might say that being strategic was not a characteristic of a good leader. They might think this because Justinian was strategic by ending the Nika riots, but by stopping the Nika riots, he murdered thousands of innocent people trying to spread a message throughout the city. However, if Justinian made the decision to flee, the result of the...

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