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George R.R. Martin's Game Of Thrones, The Transformation

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The Transformation

Game of Thrones is a book series written by George R.R. Martin, HBO has turned the books into one of the most widely followed television series on cable today. The book is set in a fantasy world that somewhat resembles what we know as the medieval era. The story follows around a vast cast of characters as they all fight to gain the “Iron Throne” in order to rule over the land. This paper will follow Daenerys Targaryen’s story during season one as she tries to get back her family’s throne. A she goes on her journey we will analyze how her story conforms and later on resists common themes of gender.
Daenerys Stormborn of the house Targaryen takes on many roles in the show. She ranges from a sex object to later on a powerful, ruthless Iron Maiden. All the transformations take place very quickly as she changes before the audiences eyes. The first time Daenerys appears on the screen people see a 18-20 year old with bleach blonde hair, not more than a minute later her dress is dropped to floor revealing her breasts to the viewer as she is getting into a bath. She is getting ready to see her to be husband for the first time, she’s anxious to see if he will accept her. Daenerys is being given as a gift to Khal Drogo in order to help her brother Viserys move closer to the crown. Daenerys is treated like a piece of property, the same as a clay pot or gold piece, instead of being her brothers property she would become Drogo’s. Viserys makes sure to tell Daenerys she better please Drogo, sexually, otherwise the “gift” would have been a bad one.
This was very common in medieval times in England, once married to a man, a woman and a man became a single person. (Crawford and Mendelson) What this really meant was the one person was really just the husband who had acquired a living good, so it was worse to be a married woman than single in every sense other than being seen as socially inept. (Crawford and Mendelson) A very sad way today to look at a daughter or wife, but it was completely normal back then. Why would a father, or in this case a brother be so willing to give up their property? Noble status and wealth were the key to parents' decisions as to whom their children should be married to. (Peakman) By giving away their daughter to another family, they could get the benefits of being in whatever family received their daughter.
Drogo is the leader of the Dothraki, a tribe that today would be considered extremely savage and animalistic. The men are all vicious warriors and the women are nothing, but sex slaves and house maids. Drogo would fall into the categories of a sturdy oak and a fighter. He is portrayed as a man with no weaknesses and if he needs something done he does it himself without asking anyone for help. He is extremely aggressive and quick to kill anyone if they upset or go against his way of thinking. The person leading these savages would need to be a very strong individual.
The women of the Dothraki are used by the...

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