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What does a person think holds the most influence; the mistake itself or the actions that fallow after seeing the daylight of their mistakes? Will the mistakes be left to suffer in silence or will that person submit to their fatalities in a humble manner? In the short story “Transformation” by Mary Shelley, the main character Guido recalls his life story and admits all the horrible mistakes he made, despite his shame and embarrassment. He’s a young man who was desperately in love with Juliet; although he was an arrogant and selfish man who disregarded Juliet’s feelings. Even after he realized he had lost Juliet forever, a dwarf convinces him revenge is the adequate reaction. So, Guido ...view middle of the document...

This hints at his inside war; he is completely vexed by the situation and what’s the next step to take. Guido is contemplating whether his next effort will lead him to safety or to his destruction. This is when the idea of what he should do with his mistakes take root in his mind. Although, thinking and doing are two entirely different processes.
Furthermore, in “Transformation,” Mary Shelley uses Guido’s characterization to show what matters most is fixing your mistakes and learning from them; not the mistake itself. Guido is a greedy arrogant man. He wants the Dwarfs riches. The Dwarf wants Guido’s physical appearance. In order to make this exchange work, they switch bodies for three days and three days only (Shelley 13). When Guido comes to the realization that the Dwarf did not return in three days as promised, he went off in search of the monstrous Dwarf. What he sees surprises him; He sees himself with Juliet: albeit veritably it wasn’t Guido. What he actually saw was the Dwarf playing her. He then without really thinking stabs his body in the side with a dagger and throws the Dwarf’s body onto his sword even though there was a possibility that he could die (Shelley 18-19). This evidence demonstrates that Guido is a dynamic character; one who changes throughout the story. Guido undergoes this metamorphosis when at first he was...

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