The Transformation Of The Animals On Animal Farm

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Throughout the course of the novel the lives of everyone – human and animal – on Animal Farm change dramatically. In the case of the pigs their lives get better and better but for all the other animals and the humans their lives take a turn for the worse, after a brief period of optimism for the animals. This change in lifestyle, perhaps suggests Orwell’s thoughts and feelings about communism as he uses all of the events allegorically with the Russian revolution, for example when Snowball is chased out by Napoleon represents in history when Josef Stalin had Leon Trotsky exiled from Russia. Another example is in the card game at the end of the novel when Napoleon, representing Josef Stalin and Russia, and Mr. Pilkington, representing President Truman of America, both play the ace of spades, which represents nuclear weapons, which is historically the beginning of the Cold War.

An example of how the lives of the animals change is that the pigs do not do any physical work and the other animals have to work harder to cope with the demands of the pigs after Snowballs expulsion. An example of this, before the expulsion of Snowball, from the text is: “The pigs did not actually work, but directed and supervised the others”. After Snowballs expulsion the animals have to work harder and the pigs do even less work. This is implied by evidence from the text where it says: “Huge boulders, far too big to be used as they were …The animals lashed ropes round these and then all together, cows, horses, sheep, any animal that could lay hold of the rope – even the pigs sometimes joined in…” Sometimes is the key word as it implies that the pigs only came and helped so they could get glory and reward themselves.

The other animals have things taken away from them by the pigs, things such as their food, so the pigs can have privileges. Examples of this are: “The mystery of where the milk went was soon cleared up. It was mixed every day...

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