The Transformation From Regional To World Powers In Both Han And Rome Was Inspired By The Customs And Ideas Of Previous Cultures In This Essay, A Comparison Of The Two Areas Can Be Found.

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The transformation from regional to world powers in both Han and Rome was inspired by the customs and ideas of previous cultures - the Han forming its powerful empire on the ancient Qin dynasty's institutional ways along with Confucius' intellectual power and Rome on Mediterranean predecessors. Although these empires had no real contact with each other, they had much in common. The Roman and Han empires had many similarities including rule, military defense, propaganda, the world community, authority, family, agricultural foundation and much more.The beginning of the Han dynasty was the end of raging civil wars, which marked the fall of the short-lived Qin dynasty. The Han dynasty began when Liu Bang conquered all of the other competitors in this treacherous civil war, reunifying the empire. A renowned autocratic empire had begun with Liu Bang's overwhelming victory, like Fidel Castro and Saddam Hussein in the 20th century, and Rome _________, with an absolute leader and centralized dictatorship, lasting throughout the Warring States Period. Since the ruler was considered the basis of the state, autocracy was the most powerful form of government during this time. Autocracy came into use during the Warring States Period to end the chaos and fighting and use the Chinese people to work for the government. Like Israel's Jeroboam, Liu Bang was not an activist. To him, a good government was a strong government that could maintain adequate compliance. This government was based on morals and ethics, rather than force to win support. The rulers were believed to be the most moralistic, honest and proper, holding the quality of "ren" meaning humanity, benevolence or goodness. Their rule was linked with higher powers and served the higher moral power of Heaven. A Sage, meaning literally wise or clever, was an ethical, intellectual who also held the quality of "ren" claiming that rulers should turn the government over to a well-trained select few. A paternalistic autocratic rule was favored during the Han dynasty taken from both Daoism and Legalism, who used rewards for good deeds and punishment for bad. After the fall of the Han dynasty, feudalism came into play, a system by which the holding of one's land is dependent upon the submission of military service by the owner.During the Roman era, city-states were dominant, rather than kingdoms. They originated as a republic in which the authority belonged to a group of citizens rather than in one family or individual as China had done so with family lineage and dynasties. In this thinking, the citizens had more power. Only a small portion of each community actually possessed citizenship and could thus vote for their rulers. Due to this form of government, communal identity was more acknowledged in Rome than in China. These rulers who were the basis of the state, as long as they had the title of either king of emperor, were able to make levies, collect taxes, declare wars, make peace, and rule both citizens of...

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