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Every day the issues of gays and lesbians is becoming more and more known and making bigger strides every year. Along with them we get to learn about bisexuals, pansexual, asexual, and any other sexuality that isn’t defended as heterosexual. However, a certain cause is tied close with this but not making as many strides or being heard as much, the issues of transgendered people. While the famous LGBTA activist organization group does involve transgendered people their voice in the movement is rather small and not heard very often. However the organization GATE - Global Action for Trans* Equality has an aim to change this and make the transgendered people known and heard in hopes to unite the ...view middle of the document...

Just as someone with a bad home life is not born mentally ill but can develop depression or anxiety as a result of the issues faced with having a bad home life. But if a child is given free range of how they wish to be seen by the world, what name they wish to go by, and what they wish to do with their body they are a much smaller change of them developing BDD because they are given the chance to become comfortable with the body they are in.
People can realize they are transgendered at any point in their life, not just as children. “May articulate this at age 4, 14, or even 24.” (The Gender spectrum)While transgendered adult may have always felt out of place in their body they may have never really known why. After going down a path of self- discovery they can one day relies that they are not in the right body. The Gender spectrum also explains that children can show signs from an incredibly young age. “Some children…sense their gender identity does not align with their assigned gender” Perhaps a young girl prefers more boyish activates and interest, they enjoy having short hair and have more friends who are boys than girls. Now this doesn’t nessiaraly mean the child is transgender they could just enjoy doing these things and not really care how society views boy activates and girl actives. However a big sign of a transgendered child is what they want to be called and what pronouns they want to be used. If a girl tells you she wants to be called john and would like you to refer to them as he/his then the child might feel they were meant to be a boy rather than a girl. The gender spectrums estimated that “ 1 in 500 children is significantly gender nonconforming or transgender.”. Meaning that 1 out of 500 children find themselves not identifying with their sex gender. However its estimated that only 1 in 20,000 adult people find themselves identifying as non-specific or Transgendered.
Being transgendered can be very dangerous even in the 21st century. People can be very uncomfortable with transgendered individual some even despise them. This is referred to as Transphobia which defines as “A reaction of fear, loathing, and discriminatory treatment” of transgendered people. Though out history people do not react kindly to things they are no comfortable with, this can lead to murders even genocides of uncommon groups of people. Last year it was estimated how many transgendered people were murdered “ TDOR 2013 update has revealed a total of 238 cases of reported killings of trans people”. This is the amount from 26 different countries in a 12 month time span, this is not a global average and it’s very possible to be other non-reported murders as well. Another TDOR told us that “1,374 reported killings of trans people in 60 countries worldwide” from 2008 till 2013, a six year timespan. The TDOR tells us only the reports\ed of killings and not how many were killed, so where there could be two to three killings at once only one show up...

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