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John saw a flicker of light then realized the light must have came on again. Jenny was behind him with an anxious look.
“Sat Check?” John asked.
“November 20th, 2075, fourteen thirty-two.” Jenny reported. “About seventeen years, that was lucky.”
“Plus,” John muttered. “It just occurred to me, shouldn’t there have been a rescue locker from Plus in the room in Prime?”
“Before Henrys, we’ve had no contact with Plus. We assumed Plus doesn’t have TR technology. Let’s see the influence tests’ results.” John handed her the pad out of his pack. “Sixteen to twenty-three percent! And that’s back in 2068, our last Prime datum.”
John was trying to think. “What’s that mean?”
“I don’t know yet,” Jenny said with a worried look.
John said with a shiver,” It’s kinda chilly in here.”
“Lets get out of here,” Jenny said and started to prep the TRs for the transit back to Prime.
“With the low degree of similarity between Prime and Plus, maybe we should have a look around a bit. See what’s up?” John suggested, opening the door for a look. “I don’t see many people around. What’s the day?”
“Wednesday,” Jenny replied.
“It was busy when we left Plus. Hey, there are military vehicles parked next to the Federal building and troops on the steps.”
“Let’s have a look,” Jenny had finished re-setting the TR’s for their re-transit to Prime and went to the door for a look outside. Just as she was looking across the street at the troops, six people in black military fatigues and assault weapons at the ready turned the corner by the door. Jenny instinctively chose to put her hands on her head and they quickly handcuffed her. John, back inside the room, was more surprised; they pushed him to the floor and cuffed him. They separated them from their gear and stood them both against the wall.
A woman with short blond hair spoke into her com unit, “Suspects in custody. No resistance.”
“I’m Jennifer Scott; I’m with the NGIA. We’re here on a critical mission. I need to talk to your commander immediately.”
“Just hold your water, where’s your ID?”
“Like I said we are on a mission.”
“And who are you?” the woman asked John.
“Captain John Mackinac, United States Air Force.”
“You don’t look much like a flyboy. Test them,” she ordered.
One of her team came forward with a cylindrical object and pressed it to Jenny’s neck. John tried to push away from the wall but was help tight. He was next.
“UD gives a positive from downline on both,” the man reported.
“Downline?” John whispered to Jenny.
“No talking,” the blond woman said flatly.
They took them and across the street to a side entrance of the Federal building and put them in room with only a table and chairs. Thankfully, their captors removed their handcuffs.
“You will be de-briefed as soon as possible before transfer.”
“Coffee?” John asked; the woman ignored him and left.
“Transfer to where, I wonder?” Jenny said and took a seat at the table.

It had been almost an hour sense they had been in the room and John...

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