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The Transition Of A Patient From The Hospital To Home

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Studies have shown that patients fail to adhere and comply with medicines because of lack of understanding. [1] Gordon et al (2007) conducted a study which aimed to identify medication related problems and identify approaches to support patients to manage their medication. Problems with access to and the organisation of services was one of the findings highlighted from the study. Pharmacy can address the issues associated with organisation of services, patient education and engaging patients in decision making about their medicines in the home during consultation.
Seamless care is the transition of a patient from the hospital to home. It also comprises of care that is given to a patient in the health care system across the spectrum of caregivers and their environments. It is carried out without interruption. Pharmacy can contribute such that when one pharmacist ceases to be responsible for the patient's care, another has to take over. The clinical pharmacy team has to ensure timely access to specialist medicines and prompt symptom control. Pharmacy’s contribution to seamless care is absolutely crucial especially with the increased use of more specialised drugs in the community setting. Specialist medicines require more intensive monitoring than many other treatments in order to ensure that the patient is receiving a large enough dose to achieve the desired effects without experiencing serious side effects. The use of these medicines often requires shared care arrangements. If seamless care is to be effectively delivered in the patient’s interests, it is important that members of the pharmacy team have a good understanding of each other’s responsibilities and constraints and have effective channels of communication. The community pharmacist has a logical place in the management of specialist medicines therapy and in order to function effectively, needs to be...

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